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Agreement on the use of the service

This agreement describes the terms under which services are provided service "UltraChange24". Before using the service the User must read and accept all the terms of this agreement. Otherwise, the User cannot use the service.

The present agreement is located for public access on the Internet on page UltraChange24 and can be changed by the User of the service unilaterally without additional notification to the User.

The parties to this agreement are "UltraChange24" , hereinafter simply "Service" and any natural person using the Service, hereinafter "the User".

1. Terms and definitions

1.1. «UltraChange24» — this brand, which is the name for the e-currency exchange WebMoney, Privat24, QIWI, and offering their services with the help of special software interface for all Users.
1.2. A user is any individual that uses the service «UltraChange24».
1.3. Electronic currency — a monetary obligation between the developer of this currency and its user, expressed digitally.
1.4. Payment system — software and hardware product developed by a third party and representing a mechanism of accounting of monetary obligations, and the organization of settlements between its users.
1.5.The service operation at the input and output of electronic currencies, as well as other services, information about which is posted on the window of the Service.
1.6. Payment — transfer of electronic currency from the payer to the recipient.

2. Introduction

2.1. This agreement reglementary the relationship between the User and the Service about the services provided Service User and cancels all previous agreements between the service and the User on this subject.
2.2. This agreement does not negate the current legislation of the countries of registration and location Service and User, as well as the contractual relationship between the User and the Payment system (systems). In the case if the terms of the current legislation and other arrangements the User may not use the services Service, the use of these services by the User prohibited by these rules and is illegal.
2.3. Service guarantees and ensures the confidentiality of information about the User and his operations. The service may to provide this information only at the request of competent state bodies, officials or representatives of the Payment systems in the presence of a legitimate reason.

3. The subject of the agreement

3.1.The subject of this agreement are the input and output of electronic currencies, as well as other services, description one can see on the window of the Service.
3.2. The service offers its services to all Users and does not check the legitimacy and legality of ownership by the User of electronic currency and/or financial means, and do not supervision of the User operations in any Payme
3.3.Payment system and/or financial institutions are solely responsible for the funds entrusted to them by the User. The service may not be a party to the agreement between the Payment system and/or financial institution and the User, and in no as is not responsible for the misuse or unauthorized use of the capabilities of the Payment system User, and for abuse of User functionality of the Payment system. Mutual rights and obligations of the User and a Payment system and/or financial institutions governed by the relevant contracts.
3.4. Any completed operation on the input and output of electronic currencies, as well as other operation the Service User is considered to be irrevocable, i.e. cannot be cancelled by the User after it conclusion — get the User due to him previously accepted the terms of the transaction.
3.5. Service has the right to suspend or cancel the operation if the authorized bodies have information about unauthorized possession of a User of the electronic currencies or financial assets and/or other information render impossible the provision of services to the User.
3.6. The service reserves the right to suspend or cancel running the operation if the User violates the terms of this agreement.
3.7. The service reserves the right to cancel running the operation and return made by the User of electronic currency and/or financial assets without an explanation reasons.
3.8. The user agrees:
         - exclude any possible aiding illegal trade and any other illegal transactions using the Service;
         - to exclude any possible aiding and abetting a financial fraud, not to use the Service in order to create and distribution of the pyramids, and to take other actions contrary to law and the legal standards;
         - exclude in their practice with use of the Service, any actions which may cause direct or indirect harm against laundering and legalization of funds obtained by illegal means;
3.9. The service undertakes to take all possible and available actions to prevent attempts of illegal trade, financial fraud and laundering funds using the Service. These actions include, among others:
        - to render the feasible help to law enforcement in the search and apprehension of financial terrorists engaged in illegal activity for money laundering.
        - to provide the competent authorities in accordance with applicable law information regarding processing of the Service;
        - improvement of the Service to prevent direct or indirect use of the Service in activities contrary to the legislation to the fight against illegal trade, financial frauds and money laundering.

4. The Service

4.1. Ordering of services and receipt of information on the progress of the transaction by the User are made exclusively in using contacts with a representative of the Service.
4.2. The service offers its services without a break for lunch and will be to strive to ensure that services were weekends and around the clock .

5. The cost of services

5.1. Rates is determined by the leadership of the Service and be published on the Service website. The Service manual has the right to change rates of Service without further notice.
5.2. In addition to established lines, the User shall also reimburse the all additional costs for postage, telephone, Fax, etc. arising in the course of business relations with Service.

6. Taxation

6.1. Service is not a tax agent for the User and will not notify the user about it the tax costs. The user undertakes to pay all taxes required under tax the legislation of his place of residence.
6.2. If the Service authorities require the payment of taxes User or cover debts resulting from refusal to pay taxes, User agrees to reimburse the Service these payments.

7. Warranty and liability of the parties

2001 / 10000 АНГЛИЙСКИЙ 7.1. The service provides its services on an "as is" as they are described on the pages of the Service website and not offer any additional guarantees.
7.2. The service guarantees the fulfillment of obligations to the User only within the amounts entrusted to the Service by the User to perform the operation.
7.3. The service will make every efforts, but does not guarantee that its services will be available all day, every day. The service assumes no liability for losses, loss of profit and other costs of User incurred as the result of a failure access to the site and the Service.
7.4. The service is not liable for damages loss of profit and additional User costs resulting from delays, mistakes or failures in carrying out Bank transfers or wire transfers.
7.5. The service is not liable for damages loss of profit and other costs of the User resulting from incorrect expectations of the User in relation the tariff rates of the Service, profitability of the transaction and other subjective factors.
7.6. The user guarantees damages of the Service (the management company, managers and employees) in cases of filing claims or claims directly or indirectly related to the User's use of the services, except for losses caused by the wrongful (intentional or negligent) actions of the Service.
7.7. The user guarantees, that is the owner or has legal grounds to dispose of the sums used in his transactions.
7.8. The user agrees not to tamper with communication flows associated with the operation of the Service.
7.9. The user acknowledges that the content of the Service website is protected by the legislation on the protection of the rights of ownership, intellectual property and copyright. Unauthorized use of this content illegal.

8. Force majeure

8.1. Neither the User nor the Service will not be responsible to each other for delay or failure to perform its obligations resulting from the occurrence of force majeure, including natural disasters, fire, flood, acts of terrorism, regime change, civil unrest, and the Payment of non-functioning systems, power systems, communication networks and providers of Internet services.

8.2 In the event vozniknoveniya errors in the payment of the exchange service tries to return funds to the client automatically mode.


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